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PAOLA Abrasive Group has been importing specialized abrasive and cutting products since 2016 in order to meet the country’s industrial needs.

The products of PAOLA Abrasive Group include: sanding pad and sanding flap disc and (flap disc abrasive), sanding paper disc and cloth roll abrasive (sanding roll) and abrasive paper sheet which is known as waterproof paper sandpaper sheet, cutting and grinding disc and all cutting and grinding abrasive tools.

Keep in mind that in the products of this company, raw materials from Germany are used. We have built our production line in countries where the production costs are much lower than other countries, but in terms of quality, we have used the best raw materials and machines to satisfy our dear consumers.

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Flap Disc - Flap Disc abrasive

PAOLA Zirconium Flap Disc in diameters of 115 mm and 180 mm from grit #40 to #120, which is offered in two types of economic (eco) and excellent (excellent) qualities.

Economic is for consumers who value quality and good price, and Excellent is for consumers who want maximum quality.

The laboratory test results of this product indicate that it can be a tough competitor for European countries.

فلپ دیسک - فلاپ دیسک
سنباده پشت کرکی

Sanding Paper Disc

PAOLA Sanding Paper Disc is available in two types of aluminum oxide in red color and silicon carbide in black color.

This product is available from grit #60 to grit #600. This product uses very high quality raw materials from Germany.

We fully compete with European products and have the satisfaction of dear consumers in our portfolio.

All products of this company have return guarantee and unconditional guarantee.

Sanding Roll, Cloth Roll Abrasive

The PAOLA Sanding Roll of this company is available with a width of 15 cm and a length of 50 meters, and from #40 to #1200 grit.

Also, this product is available to our valued customers in two quality levels, Economical and Excellent.

This product is an aluminum oxide type that is used for metal and wood surfaces. The color of the abrasive of this product is red.

The excellent type of this product can be used as a belt or belt for use with a machine.

رول سنباده ( رول سمباده )
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Abrasive Paper Sheet

Abrasive Paper Sheet is a kind of sandpaper that is waterproof. Due to its waterproof and flexible properties, this sandpaper is known as waterproof sandpaper.

The uses of this product are mostly in automotive industry, painting, wood industry, glass and ceramic industry.

The dimensions of each abrasive paper sheet is 230 x 280 mm. The grain size of abrasive paper sheet is from #60 to #5000.

Sanding Disc

Sanding Disc is a type of abrasive disc with a hole in the center, which can be installed directly on the milling machine due to the hardness of the disc body.

Sanding Disc in diameters of 115 mm and 180 mm with grit 24 to 120 are offered by this company.

After the new generation of this type of sandpaper entered the market, which is known as “Sanding Paper Disc, Velcro Disc Abrasive”, the sanding disc is gradually becoming obsolete.

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Sanding Pad

PAOLA Sanding Pad : Pads are a tool that acts as an intermediary between the paper disc and the milling machine.

This practical tool is offered by this company in 115 mm and 180 mm dimensions.

In the market, this tool is known in two types, with and without nuts. The type with beads has a higher quality and price and has a much longer lifespan than the pad without beads.

Since the quality of the products is our priority, the pads supplied by this company are of the nut type.

Cutting & Grinding Disc

Cutting and Grinding Discs are the most widely used type of abrasives, these discs are used in most industries.

The Cutting and Grinding Discs have a thickness of 1 mm, 1.2 mm, 2 mm, and 3 mm, and the plate of the sub-stones has a thickness of 6 mm, 6.5 mm, and 8 mm.

The most common diameters used for cutting and grinding discs are 115 mm, 150 mm, 180 mm, and 230 mm.

Of course, there are more and even smaller diameters available in the markets, but their consumption is much less.

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PAOLA Products

Sanding Paper Disc

PAOLA Sanding Paper Disc, Velcro Disc Abrasive

This product is used in 2 general categories, aluminum oxide in red color and silicon carbide in black color. The red Velcro Disc Abrasive is used for grinding wood and iron, and the black Sanding Paper Disc is used for stone grinding.
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Flap Disc

PAOLA Flap Disc

PAOLA Flap Discs is available in 2 sizes, 115 mm and 180 mm. This product contains zirconium, which is used for the hardest steel parts and alloy steels.
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Sanding Roll

PAOLA Sanding Roll

This product is imported by PAOLA Group with several quality levels, and their grain size is from #40 to #1200. The Sanding Rolls is used for manual work and machine work.
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Sanding Pad

PAOLA Sanding Pad

This product is imported by PAOLA Abrasive And Sanding Group with beads. Pads with beads are much more durable and durable than Sanding Pads without beads.
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PAOLA Products

Comprehensive Information About Abrasives

Official Importer Of PAOLA Brand

Abrasive materials are very hard grains that exist in different sizes and meshes that can wear other surfaces. Abrasive materials as the parent industry are widely used in domestic, industrial and engineering applications. For this purpose, abrasive materials are made in different shapes and sizes. The most common application of abrasive materials is surface grinding, polishing (car paint), honing, cutting parts and grinding parts, etc.

We don’t want to go into too much specialized detail about abrasives in this section. Because too much detail is not useful for you, dear customers and consumers, and it is very boring. In this section, we try to explain practical things to you, so that you can have the best view when buying abrasive products. And actually buy with an open mind.

Nowadays, it is very important to have enough information before buying a product, so we should have practical information about the products before buying. In this article, we accompany you so that you can choose the right options according to your consumption.

In fact, daily many people make mistakes and losses when shopping simply because they do not have enough information about the target product. Because they did not get any special knowledge about that product before buying. For this reason, they are quickly deceived by some profit-seeking sellers, and after buying and consuming that product, they regret their purchase.

Therefore, the main issue for all buyers is to be aware before buying, and in this article, we are trying to provide you with the information that consumers need to choose the right abrasive to prevent the abuse of profiteers.

1- Types Of Sanding: Abrasives are very diverse, and have many different types that can be discussed about the appearance, color, type of abrasive material, and its different types. But in general, they can be grouped into the following:

Flap Disc : In the Flap Disc, the sanding sheets are placed on the round surface of plastic or fiberglass by glue, and these plates are connected on the milling machine and it acts like a grinding disc. But its main difference with the grinding disc is the speed of work and accuracy in work and the smoothness of its very suitable surface. PAOLA Flap Disc can be found in all reputable stores across the country.

Sanding Paper Disc, Velcro Disc Abrasive This product is produced on 3 types of bases: paper disc, film disc and foam disc, of which the paper disc type is the most used type and the foam disc type is the next most used type. In the last step, the film disk is used, although this is not the end of the work because they have different categories in terms of grinding.

Here we give a brief explanation in this regard, the first type is aluminum oxide, which is red or light brown in color and is used for wood and general metals. The second type is silicon carbide, which is used for stone and glass industries and alloy metals such as cast iron.

Today, Sanding Paper Disc and Velcro Disc Abrasive products have gained a lot of fans due to their ease of consumption, and it can be said that they are considered popular in the market these days. But not every Velcro Disc Abrasive is of high quality, some profiteers just imported products that are not worth buying at all and have a very low life and quality. And only their appearance is similar to the original Sanding Paper Disc.

Therefore, the best way to recognize fake and low-quality products for normal consumers is its cheap price. If a product has a very low price, you should doubt its authenticity because it is definitely a fake product. Manufacturers are able to produce products with similar appearance and very low quality. And some profit-seeking businessmen are looking for exactly these products so that they can earn more profit and cause losses to consumers.

The third type is zirconium or zirconia, which is used in the automotive industry and artificial stones, and the fourth type is ceramic, which is very expensive and is used in all industries, but it does not have a lot of demand, which, of course, is very valuable and has a lot of chipping power.

Non-Woven Abrasives‏ : Non-Woven Abrasives are a kind of abrasives that are used to dull and scratch metal parts. And normally, this product is used in the industry of cabinet fittings and the production of door handles. It can also be used in the production of steel gas stoves and hoods. In general, this product is not only for polishing, but it is mostly used for scratching the piece.

Cutting And Grinding Disc : This product is one of the most consumed products in Iran and the world, and although there is a newer technology for grinding and cutting parts, it is still the most consumed in the world. Grinding and Cutting Discs have different dimensions, usually 100mm, 115mm, 180mm, 230mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm and 500mm are the most common sizes. which is produced in thicknesses of 1mm, 1.6mm, 1.8mm, 2mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 6mm and 6.5mm. Low thicknesses are called Cutting Discs and thicknesses above 6mm are called Grinding Discs.

There are different types of Cutting and Grinding Discs, each of which is used for a specific part, which include: Iron Cutting and grinding, Inox Cutting and Grinding, Aluminum Cutting and Grinding, etc., each of which has its own application.

Abrasive Paper Sheet : Abrasive Paper Sheet is a type of sandpaper that is completely waterproof and is based on paper, that is, the sandpaper grains are stuck on the paper so that this product can be placed in water for days and remain intact. It is also very flexible so that even if you fold it, the sanding grains will not be separated from it, that is why it is widely used in the automotive industry and car body painting and even building. By washing this product, it can be used again and again, in the event that many consumers, after some use, think that its life is over and throw it away.

Sanding Roll, Cloth Roll Abrasive: In this product, sandpaper grains stick to the fabric and this product has a lot of flexibility, although this flexibility includes the manual type. And the type of machine by which they produce belts has very little flexibility and is more durable. The manual type is used for grinding by hand, and the machine type is used to produce belts or belts that are connected to the machine.

Sanding Disc : Disc Abrasive products look like a Sanding Paper Disc which instead of a paper support surface is made of a type of fiber, which is also called a Fiber Disc, which has a hole in the center, and the disc is connected to the device without any intermediary. The milling machine is connected and does not need any intermediary between the disk and the milling machine, while the Sanding Paper Disc needs some kind of plastic pad to be connected to the milling machine.

This product has a longer life compared to the Sanding Paper Disc at the same time, it has a much higher price, but the most important difference is that in this type of disc, there is a high possibility of the nut hitting the part, but in the Sanding Paper Disc, you can use the entire surface of the paper disc on the part. This is a great advantage in grinding operations. Because it makes the grinding operation very easy, because the whole surface is involved in the piece and it gives the work a lot more speed.

There are usually 2 types of Sanding Discs. The first type is an aluminum oxide disc that is used for wood and metals, and the second type is silicon carbide, which is used for stone, glass, and cast iron. In fact, the sanding disc is part of the old type of Sanding Paper Disc, and with the advent of the Sanding Paper Disc and its ease of use, it led to the marginalization of this product and it can gradually be removed from the markets.


One of the easiest ways to distinguish a counterfeit product from the original is the price of that product. Price is a very important factor to distinguish. For example, if the price range of a product is between 4 and 5 dollars, when you find a product that is 2 or 3 dollars, you should doubt the authenticity of that product. Because it is definitely a fake product. The main products do not have much price difference, and they are almost in the same price range.

Another way is not to be fooled by the appearance of fake products. These products usually have a good appearance and the same as the original products, but their packaging is very poor. Because the merchant does not value his worthless product and only thinks about making a profit. Be sure to pay attention to the weight and thickness of the product and the density of its granules when buying. These tips may seem trivial, but they are very valuable.

Before buying a cheap product, be sure to bring one of the original and expensive one with you, and when you buy a fake product, compare it with the original one, and you will definitely stop buying it. Because everything will become clear to you. You should note that if you are looking for the original and high-quality product, you should know that the original product is not cheap. Because it is very valuable and works for you many times more than the fake product.

The sale of our products is only through PAOLA agencies. If you want to be represented, you can contact us through the contact form. And carefully enter your details in the form. The sales experts of PAOLA Abrasives And Sanding Group will contact you as soon as possible.

If you need to make small purchases, you can do so through reputable stores across the country. Because this group does not provide retail services and only considers major distribution.

Because PAOLA Abrasive Group sells all its products through agents and does not have retail sales, you can be the first hand in your city or country.

1- Agent discount

2- Using credit purchase conditions (only in Iran)

3- Unconditional product return guarantee

4- Attending the VIP channel of PAOLA representatives and benefiting from its benefits.

5- Informing about the decrease or increase in prices 7 days before the price change.

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